About Us

If you made it to this page, you’ve already taken a leap of faith. You already want to know more about us to decide if you want to join the community or not.

Honestly, it’s just people like you we need!

Serious, honest, responsible people, attentive to the things around them.

We will tell you this: for over 10 years we have been building and managing communities of people like you.

There are over 400,000 (well read, four hundred thousand) people enrolled in the Daedalus Online community in over 10 countries. We do not play with confidentiality and we take the management of personal data very seriously. We are members of ESOMAR and registered personal data operators under number 12502.

All that we value most is the trust of our panelists, which is why we behave responsibly and carefully with each person.

We hope we’ve convinced you that we’re a serious company. Sign up for free here, what have you got to lose?