Rules of operation – Clubul Gold

Terms and conditions "GOLD Respondents Club"

Art. 1. Campaign Organizer:

The organizer of the campaign is the company SC Daedalus New Media Research SRL based in Bucharest, Cal. Floreasca Nr 169, sector 2, CUI: 2560656, Registered in the Trade Register under. J40 /6306/27.05.2009, account Account RO36INGB0000999902012334, opened at Banca ING, Bucharest, ROMANIA, personal data operator with number 12502, represented by Laurentiu Serghie with the position of Administrator. The campaign will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this regulation, which is mandatory for all participants. The organizer reserves the right to amend these regulations, but not before notifying the public in advance.

Art. 2. Duration and area of ​​the Campaign:

The qualification in the GOLD Respondents Club is based on the activity that the respondents had in 2020, and they will benefit from the privileges of this regulation throughout 2022. The campaign is active between January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 for 2021 .

Art. 3. Right of participation:

This contest is open to all individuals with Romanian, Croatian, and Hungarian citizenship who are at least 18 years old at the start of the contest, domicile in Romania, Croatia, and Hungary, who are registered in the Daedalus Online panel and meet the other conditions set out in this regulation. Daedalus New Media Research employees, as well as any other persons directly related to this contest, may not participate in this contest.

Art. 4. Development Mechanism

Contest theme: Complete as many questionnaires as possible and you will become a member of the GOLD Respondents Club

To qualify for this club, respondents must meet the following conditions:

  1. to have registered in the Daedalus Online panel between 2012 and 2021;
  2. to be Romanian, Croatian, and Hungarian citizens residing in Romania, Croatia, and Hungary;
  3. be at least 18 years old;
  4. to answer at least 50% of the questionnaires received and to have a minimum of 5 questionnaires completed in the previous year (2021).

!CAREFUL! This regulation is not only valid for respondents who signed up in 2012 and are still active, but for all respondents who have signed up over the years until the end of 2021 and comply with the mechanism outlined above. One of the most important rules (4) is the one that refers to the response rate of the respondents between January 1, 2021 – January 31, 2021.

A participant will have the right to participate from a single account during the campaign. If the Organizer identifies several accounts as belonging to the same participant, he reserves the right to cancel both his accounts and his participations.

Art. 5. The prizes that only the respondents from the GOLD Club benefit from:

  1. at each withdrawal of the money they will receive a bonus of 10% extra over the value of the money withdrawn this year;
  2. will automatically qualify for a biannual raffle with gold bars weighing 5g each;
  3. will receive more points for recommending friends to join the Daedalus Online community;
  4. they will enjoy all the previous benefits and will continue to participate in the draws for monthly and annual prizes.


  1. 10% bonus: applies whenever the respondents from this club make a payment request between January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022.
  2. biannual raffle with gold bars: two winners will be drawn by lot.
  3. points for recommending friends: points will only be updated when open campaigns are open. The score for GOLD respondents will be 50 points for recommended people who join the Daedalus Online community (as opposed to 20 points for the rest of the community)

In order to be awarded prizes 1 and 2, the respondents will have to provide their personal data in the Daedalus Online accounts so that the Organizer can send the necessary amounts or ingots. The necessary financial data are: name, surname, address, CNP, telephone, IBAN, bank. The personal data of the winners are requested because the payment of the prizes is declared to the Financial Administration, but also for the payment of the income tax, this being paid in full by the Organizer.

Art.6. Designation of gold bullion winners

Two winners will be drawn by lot at different times.

The winners will be chosen by drawing lots as follows:

  • a) The FIRST WINNER will be drawn on June 2, 2022;
  • b) THE SECOND WINNER will be drawn on December 5, 2022.

!CAREFUL! If the supplier specializing in gold trading can no longer deliver gold bullion, the Organizer has the obligation to send the winner the equivalent of the bullion in cash. Its value will be approximately 310 EUR!

  1. The organizer has the obligation to announce the winner by email on the day of the draw, at the email address declared at the time of registration in the Daedalus Online community.
  2. The organizer will try to contact the winner by email a maximum of 3 times: 1 notification and 2 reminders.
  3. If the winner has updated the phone in his personal account, he will be contacted on the phone as well.
  4. If the winner has not claimed the prize (has not responded to the email or telephone, refuses the prize or does not comply with the conditions and deadlines imposed by this regulation, etc.) within 10 calendar days from the last notification sent, he is considered an invalidated winner and will lose any right to the prize won. In this case, in compliance with these regulations, the Organizer will draw another winner.

Article 7. Apple

We explicitly state that Apple is not involved in this contest and is not a sponsor.

Article 8. Litigation

In case of potential disputes between the organizer and the contest participants, they will be settled amicably. If it is not possible to resolve the disputes amicably, the parties involved will submit the dispute for settlement to the competent Romanian courts.

Art. 9. Campaign regulations

These terms are free of charge to any participant on the website.

Art. 10. Fees and Taxes

The organizer undertakes to bear the income tax due for the income consisting of the prizes obtained by the winners as a result of this contest, in accordance with the provisions of the Fiscal Code. Any other obligations of a fiscal nature or of any other nature, in connection with this, being the sole responsibility of the winner.