Frequently asked questions

How long has it been since I requested the conversion of the points into cash?

Payments shall be made around the 15th of each month for persons who have requested that points be converted into cash in the previous month.

The lack of data required for the bank transfer or their inaccuracy will automatically lead to the postponement of the payment for the next month, only after this information has been corrected or completed.

Why do I need to communicate my personal identification number to receive the money?

The personal identification number is required for declaring the payment to the Financial Administration and for the payment of the income tax. Income tax is paid in full by our company.

How do I get paid for my survey points?

To convert points into cash, when you have at least 1000 points, it is necessary to request the payment from your account (click on the “request payment” button located on the right side - bottom)

For your first payment, you must fill in and save the necessary data for the bank transfer. This data will remain saved to your account, and if there are any changes (change of phone number, change of bank account, etc.), you must update them before requesting payment to ensure that you receive the money.

The payment is made by bank transfer and therefore you need to tell us the following details:

  • Last name
  • First Name
  • Personal Identification Number
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • IBAN account (current account opened in national currency)
  • Bank

To make the payment, the above data must be filled directly into your Daedalus Online account. Payment will be made in local currency around the 15th of the month.

The IBAN must contain 24 characters, be capitalized, and have no spaces inserted.

The lack of data required for the bank transfer or their inaccuracy will automatically lead to the postponement of the payment for the next month, only after this information has been corrected or completed.

If I have side effects from testing a product, who is responsible for that?

Except in rare and unlikely situations of having allergies to components of the tested products that you are unaware of, the tested products cannot cause you adverse reactions. In situations where the products contain components with allergen potential (e.g. nuts, dairy), the respondents are warned about these components and if they have such allergies they are not selected in the test sample. All products have a quality certificate and are within the warranty period. If the respondent knows that he has allergies to certain components and avoids stating this for various reasons and if he is triggered by side effects or severe allergies, he or she is liable for this.

If I choose to participate in the testing of products at home, what risks to my physical health (side effects) present the products received for testing?

In general, the products to be tested are consumer products. It can be food, beverages, cleaning or personal hygiene products, etc. The products under test have a quality certificate and are always under warranty and shelf life. In general, the tested products are normally found in stores, and by their very nature do not pose a health risk/side effects. In some cases, products developed in the laboratories of major manufacturing companies are tested. In this case, the products shall be accompanied by a guarantee certificate. The expiration date is visible on all the products under test, even if they do not have a label.

If I no longer want to participate in home product testing and no longer receive products, can I withdraw my consent?

The agreement to participate in the product testing is in principle, it does NOT create firm obligations for respondents. If you do not wish to participate, simply send an email to and you will not receive requests to test products in the future.

Is there a preselection of the persons who are to test the product?

Yes, there is usually a preselection of the persons who are to test the product, depending on the socio-demographic characteristics that the manufacturer is pursuing. We also exclude people who have allergies to any of the components of the tested products based on a pre-selection questionnaire.

Are the products received at home, to be tested, within the validity period?

All perishable products sent for testing are within the shelf life, which is clearly stated on the product. The shelf life shall cover at least the period during which this product is to be tested.

Are the transportation costs borne by the company or do I have to cover them?

All transportation costs of the products to be tested are borne by Daedalus Online or the manufacturing company, depending on the situation.

Do the products given for testing remain with me for consumption, but provided that I send feedback about them or do I have to return them?

The products to be tested shall remain permanently with the respondents from the time they were delivered. There is no obligation to return the products, even if you have changed your mind and no longer want to test the product.

If I am not satisfied with the product or feel that it is endangering my health, can I stop testing it? Will I have to return the product?

Respondents are asked if they want to test the products before they are sent to them. If you have given your consent to test a product, and subsequently for various reasons do not trust to test the product, you can let us know. In this situation, you will not have to send back the products and there is no financial penalty. Such repeated behavior may, however, result in it no longer being considered for the following product tests.

When do the points for the payment update?

Points always update after we make sure payments have been made, after the 25th of the month.

Is it mandatory to ask for money when I reach the 1000 point threshold?

You can only redeem points for cash once you've reached the 1000-point threshold.

You can, however, wait to earn more points and request payment when you see fit.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by following the steps:

  1. Go to ;
  2. Click on “Lost password?”
  3. Fill in your username/email and click on “Send activation link”
  4. Click on the link in the email you received;
  5. Fill in and confirm the new password, click on “Change password”;
  6. The next time you log into your account, you will be able to use the new password.
What can I do if I forgot my username?

Most of the time the username is the same as the email address.

If not, please write to us at:

How do I change my email address – username?

To change your email address, as well as your username, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to ;
  2. Fill in the email address you are currently signed up with and your password to log in;
  3. On the “general information” section you can fill in “new email” and “rewrite email”;
  4. Press the "save email" button;

At the next login, you will be able to use the new email filled in the steps above.

How often do I get survey invitations?

Survey invitations are sent by email/application to people who meet certain criteria requested by customers. We are unable to determine the frequency with which you will receive the survey invitations, but rest assured that we will send them to you whenever appropriate. Make sure you don't miss the annual update questionnaire, it increases the chance of receiving more questionnaires and especially, questionnaires matching your profile.

Invitations may also end up in your SPAM folder, so please check your SPAM folder periodically to make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in the surveys. You can set your settings so that you no longer receive emails from us in SPAM and save the email address in your address book, at your contacts. If you need support to save your address to your address book, please email us to find the most appropriate saving method for the domain you are using.

Why don’t I get any more polling invitations?

For surveys, invitations are sent to persons who meet certain criteria requested by the client. We cannot guarantee a certain number of survey invitations within a certain time period.

Another possible cause of the small number of invitations received is the lack of information about you.

Please fill in all the data required in the recruitment questionnaire and in the "Update data" survey correctly and let us know when these data change. The "Data Update" survey is conducted annually between June and September.

How many points do I get for completing surveys?

For each completed survey, the person who completes the survey will receive a number of points, depending on the length and difficulty of the survey. In each survey invitation you will find the information related to the duration of the survey, the deadline for completion and especially the number of points you will receive for completing all or part of it.

What can I do to close my account/ unsubscribe?

If you want to unsubscribe, you can send an email to with the subject “unsubscribe”. Please wait 5 business days for your information to be completely deleted from our database.

Can I have more than one Daedalus Online account?

Each person has the right to join the Daedalus Online community with a single email address.

If a person is found to have multiple accounts, Daedalus New Media Research has the right to inactivate all of that person's accounts without prior notice.

Do I get points for referring friends?

You only receive referral and enrolment points when a referral campaign is running. We'll always email you when a campaign like this starts. Recommendation campaigns are conducted twice a year.

Can my account be closed without my knowledge and consent?

If a person is found to have multiple accounts, Daedalus New Media Research has the right to inactivate all of that person's accounts without prior notice.

In order to guarantee the quality of the statistical analyses delivered by Daedalus New Media Research to the clients, it is periodically analyzed whether there are people who provide inappropriate answers in the received surveys, such as the use of indecent language, answering far too quickly that they do not even have time to read the questions, etc. If these behaviors are found to be in violation of the Community Guidelines, Daedalus New Media Research has the right to delete a respondent from the database without prior warning and without justifying the decision.

What topics/ themes do the surveys have that I will receive?

The surveys address topics such as product testing, TV ad testing, new product launches, and measuring customer satisfaction on a product/service. Your answers will help develop and improve the product/service in question.

Can I get a model survey before I sign up?

Surveys shall only be sent to registered respondents in the Daedalus Online community. There are no model surveys you can fill out. Each survey received by email by our respondents is a real invitation to online market research and their responses can influence the future of the market and help manufacturers make decisions.

Can my personal data be revealed if I respond to the survey?

Your personal data does not reach our customers or third parties/companies. The replies in the questionnaires are depersonalized and subsequently statistically processed.

Why did the survey close after the first questions about my profile?

The survey can close after the first demographic questions if you do not match the profile we are looking for. Survey invitations are based on your demographic information filled in when you join the community and/or update them. For example, we are looking for respondents from a city of over 50,000 inhabitants, aged between 35-45 years old, to find out their opinion about the characteristics of the FORD car. You will receive an invitation to the survey if you are from a city of over 50,000 inhabitants and you fall within that age range, but if you are not a FORD driver, but a different type of car, you do not correspond to the profile because we want feedback only from the respondents who drive FORD and know its characteristics in detail. In this situation, you will receive 20 points for the time spent completing the qualification questions. This is just an example of why you receive surveys, but you may not qualify to complete them fully.

Can I complete surveys from abroad?

Most questionnaires do not allow completion from outside the territory where you were registered.

Surveys can only be completed from the country where you are registered. Each country has different products and services or there are the same products, but they differ in quality, behavior, and price, even when they have an international circulation, so it is important to answer surveys only when you are in the territory of the country where you registered.

Can I interrupt or re-access a survey?

Most of the time, surveys of reasonable duration can only be accessed once. For a large part of surveys with a long duration, there is this facility, to interrupt and re-access, but it is always mentioned in the invitation letter.

Also, do not use the keyboard or other buttons such as (back) unless explicitly indicated in the survey because you risk interrupting it and not being able to resume it, thus losing the opportunity to receive points for completing it partially or totally.

Why were my points taken out on a fully completed survey?

Changing/withdrawing the already updated score can be done when after the closure of the study, thorough checks are made manually to see the quality of the data received, for example: contradictory answers, lack of answers to open questions, inconsistency in completing, etc.

What do I do if I see errors when accessing or during the survey?

We're sorry if you're experiencing issues like this that are preventing you from completing the survey, we're always working to improve your completion processes.

Please take a screenshot of the error displayed and email it to us with some details: when it was displayed (at the beginning, during, or at the end of the survey), if it was displayed after an atypical step, any details help us to send feedback to the technical team to take the necessary steps to resolve the issues that have arisen. We mention that not always errors can be solved during the collection, but this can be an example to follow in order not to be displayed in the following surveys. A large part of the surveys received is created by the clients for whom the collection is made, therefore, Daedalus Online cannot intervene at all in taking responsibility and solving the errors that have occurred.

Why do I receive invitations on the day the survey expires/ Why does the survey close earlier than the deadline mentioned in the invitation?

We send a higher number of invitations than necessary responses because not everyone who receives an invitation responds to or does not qualify for each survey sent, and the deadline for completion is set according to the requirements of the end customer. If the response rate on a survey is higher than calculated when sending out invitations, based on previous surveys, then the survey closes earlier than the deadline written in the invitation letter. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control because it is up to the respondents and that is why we cannot write the exact time (time) of the survey closing as we have been asked in the past. There are also studies that require a fixed number of questionnaires per day, and when that number is performed/reached, the survey is paused until the date written in the box that will be displayed after clicking the link, which can be opened again at that date.

Why was I shown a message saying I don’t get points?

The reasons for invalidation are either the duration of completion substantially less than the average duration of completion of that survey which is established by pre-testing so that questionnaires are not accepted which are completed in an insufficient time to read at least everything that is written in the questionnaire. Another reason for invalidation is the contradictory or missing answers/inconsistency of answers to open-ended questions. All these are quality invalidations and all invalidated questionnaires must be restored.

Why did I receive fewer points than mentioned in the survey invitation?

If you received the minimum points (20), it means that you either did not meet the characteristics requested by the customer (you do not correspond to the profile you are looking for) or the maximum limit of completed questionnaires corresponding to your profile has already been reached.

Why aren’t the points updated immediately after completing the surveys?

Points for certain surveys may update in your account after the survey closes and the final data is collected. In some cases, the delay may be several days and less rarely on the order of two weeks.

What can I do if I realize during the survey that it does not correspond to my principles and values?

If a survey does not correspond to your principles and values or you consider that it addresses a social situation in which you feel constrained or uncomfortable to respond, you have the full right to refuse to complete it until the end because participation is voluntary. If you consider it useful, you can send us an email with your feedback, and if this is a relevant observation for the respondents' research and approach, we will send it to the client. Please note that any survey that is interrupted or not completed to the end will result in points being lost, they will not be able to be updated.

What happens if I fail to respond to all the surveys I receive?

We love it every time you accept our invitation to complete surveys, but you don't have to respond to all the invitations you receive. You can fill in the surveys when you have the time, taking part is voluntary. You decide when and if you want to answer the polls.

It is important, however, to keep in mind that a long period of inactivity can lead to the closure of your account. If in the last 6 months you have not responded to any survey received by email, your account may be closed until you are able to resume work. Also, completing as many surveys as possible can automatically enroll you in the GOLD Club, and there are extra benefits (prizes, sweepstakes, etc. – check the rules section to see details about the GOLD CLUB). We encourage you to complete as many surveys as possible in order to enjoy the benefits of the GOLD Club. Find out more about this club by clicking here.