The points you
turn into cash

For each completed survey, the person who completes the survey will receive a number of points, depending on the length and difficulty of the survey. In each survey invitation, you will find the information related to the duration of the survey, the deadline for completion, and especially the number of points you will receive for completing all or part of it.

Questionnaire lengthNo. of points for completed questionnairesConvert points to money
Up to 3 minutes30 points0.30 euros
3-5 minutes40 points0.40 euros
6-10 minutes50 points0.50 euros
11-15 minutes75 points0.75 euros
16-20 minutes100 points1 euro
21-30 minutes125 points1.25 euros
Over 30 minutes150 points1.50 euros

When a respondent accumulates at least 1000 points (10 euros), he/she can convert them into money. 100 points is the equivalent of one euro.

If you have received an invitation to participate in the survey and you have received a “Inappropriate profile” message after completing it in part, the reward is 20 points. For example: we are looking for respondents from a city of over 50,000 inhabitants, aged between 35-45 years old, to find out their opinion about the characteristics of the FORD car. You will receive an invitation to the survey if you are from a city of over 50,000 inhabitants and you fall within that age range, but if you are not a FORD driver, but a different type of car, you do not correspond to the profile because we want feedback only from the respondents who drive FORD and know its characteristics in detail. In this situation you will receive 20 points for the time spent completing the qualification questions. This is just an example of why you receive surveys, but you may not qualify to complete them fully.

The length of the questionnaire is calculated by pre-testing and represents the average duration of completing several questionnaires.

For each individual who has participated in a study, the system will update the number of points automatically within a maximum of 5 working days from the end of that survey.

Daedalus New Media Research reserves the right to modify the point system at any time according to market requirements. The information will be displayed on the site.

Contests and prizes

Find out the rewards you can get by being or becoming a member of the Daedalus Online community.


This is where respondents who are already enrolled in the Daedalus Online community and complete monthly surveys can participate. If you are already enrolled and complete monthly surveys, you have the chance to win one of the five monthly prizes worth 30 euros each. The more surveys you take, the better your chances of winning.


This is where new entrants to the Daedalus Online community can participate. If you register within the period stipulated in the regulation, you have the chance to win a prize worth maximum 500 euros from where you can choose: PS4; or electric scooter; or TV; or smartwatch; or a HomeCinema system.


We want to reward the diligence and responsibility with which you complete the questionnaires by offering privileges that only those in this selected community will receive:

  1. On each withdrawal you will receive a bonus of 10% more than the value of the money withdrawn this year;
  2. You automatically qualify for a biannual raffle of gold bars;
  3. You will get more points for recommending friends to be part of the Daedalus Online community;
  4. You will receive interesting projects that require a lot of responsibility and attention, but which are rewarded with more points;
  5. You will be among the first to decide whether an advertisement is good or not, whether a new product is worth appearing on the market, etc.
  6. Last but not least, you will enjoy all the previous benefits and will continue to participate in the raffles for monthly and annual prizes.